Life Lessons

The Life Lessons course helps the students help themselves as they prepare to leave the relative safety of high school and enter the “real world” of college and jobs.  While the students have some idea of how life functions “out there”, there are many gaps and erroneous suppositions which need to be addressed, which is what this course is all about.  Students are encouraged to think outside of themselves and to think about how their actions, words, and attitudes affect others.  The section on self-awareness isn’t just about being self-aware of only oneself; it’s also about being aware of the impact one’s self has on others.  Life Lessons is also about becoming the type of person who experiences respect, success, and healthy relationships. Ideally, students leaving this class will experience more confidence and a willingness to address the issues and decisions that will face them as they continue on with their lives.  To that end, an emphasis of the course is on developing critical thinking skills as they pertain to the students’ decision-making skills, cause-and-effect thinking, and planning abilities.  A goal is for the students to be able to think through short-term situations with an eye turned toward long-term results.