Carpool Information

Midwest families can now register and begin using CIRTA’s Commuter Connnect School Pool online tool to connect with other Midwest families to help set up carpool arrangements.

The Commuter Connect School Pool service is designed to help schools in Central Indiana reach out to parents about the benefits of alternative transportation. This is a free service provided by the Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority and funded by a federal grant in an effort to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion.

How Does the Online Tool Work? See Sample Match List Report

Based on each registered family’s residential location, the tool generates a match list report including contact information for other registered Midwest families residing within a nearby geographic vicinity. Click the following to view a sample match list report.

Once families review their match list report, they can contact other families to discuss carpool possibilities. When arranging a carpool, please note that school hours vary for middle school and high school students:

School Hours

Grades 3-8  –  8:10am – 3:00pm
Grades 9-12 – 8:30am – 3:30pm

IMPORTANT FACTS - Carpool Release Form

    • The online tool includes only contact information for those Midwest families who who choose to register. Families manage their own information in the system.
    • Information in this online tool can be accessed by registered users. The following safeguards have been been implemented to balance the protection of student information yet provide enough information to facilitate carpool matching:
      • Residential addresses are NOT disclosed in match reports; only geographic locations are reflected on a map in relevant match reports. You can modify your map location.
      • Parent/guardian contact information that you provide is listed, along with your student’s grade level in match reports. Student name is NOT disclosed, unless you choose to disclose this information.
      • Only potential matches within a designated radius of a student’s residence are listed in match reports.
    • You can indicate your level of carpool interest: sharing, receiving, providing or interest in emergency rides only.
    • The online tool serves only as a referral tool for families. Midwest Academy and the Commuter Connect School Pool program do not check drivers’ license validity,  verify insurance coverage or run background checks for carpool participants.
    • The online tool provides matches for parent/guardian drivers and is NOT intended for student drivers.
    • Midwest Academy and Commuter Connect/CIRTA  do not assume any liability. After arranging a carpool, parents must complete and submit the following Carpool Release Form to the school PRIOR to the start of any carpool.

How Do I Register/Access the Online Tool?

If your family wishes to access the carpool information tool, download the following instructions to register. Since it will take time for families to populate the tool with their information, we are asking interested families to register no later than Friday, August 19. This will ensure that interested families will be able to work with a reasonable number of matches near the beginning of the school year.

New families and current families who decide to explore carpooling later in the year can register anytime throughout the school year. Families will need to re-register every school year since the database will be refreshed each school year.

Once you’ve registered, you can access the tool 24/7 at the following URL:

How Do I Access My Match Report?

After logging into the system:

  • Click +School Pool Match
  • Click the word “Match” next to your student’s name
  • A PDF match list will open, which you can then download/print.
  • If you receive notification that no matches are found, go to +Student Profile to expand your Home Distance Search. Then, return to +School Match to access a new match list.
  • Over time, we expect that additional families will register in the system. So, check back regularly to see if your match list changes.

Can I Narrow or Expand My Carpool Matches?

After logging into the system:

  • Click +Student Profile – Student Name.
  • Under the Home Search Distance drop-down box, enter a smaller or greater distance to narrow or expand your match list report.
  • Then, return to +School Match to access a new match list.

How Do I Change My Map Location?

The system automatically geomaps your location, which appears as a pin on a map included in match list reports, based on the home address you enter. It is possible that Google Maps may not map your address correctly if you live in a new subdivision, rural area, etc. Please note that changing your location pin on the map will affect the starting point for your carpool match search.

To change your map location, log into the system:

  • Click +Student Profile – Student Name.
  • Click “Let me manually indicate my location on the map.”
  • Then, drag the pin to your desired location.

Carpool Tips - Getting Started

CIRTA has provided the following brochure to help you get started with setting up a carpool. It provides some great tips and questions you can ask your fellow potential carpool partner.

Who Can I Call for Help?

Call CIRTA at (317) 327-RIDE.