Parent Stories

“Despite having many caring teachers and staff who worked diligently to support our son, his complex medical challenges made staying in any public school system increasingly difficult. Instead of feeling empowered and enabled, he felt different and less. We turned to Midwest so that our child could thrive under the unique flexibility and completely student-focused education that Midwest and an independent accreditation allows.

With each week our son is at Midwest, we watch his anxiety lessen a little more and his passion for learning return. No longer is every hour of every day about just surviving school. After so many years of struggle, we finally are able to just take joy in our son. Enrolling at Midwest has changed our whole family for the better and given all of us a gift beyond measure.

School used to be a place of anxiety, exhaustion, and struggle. Now it’s a place of reassurance, challenge, and growth. How can anyone really explain the depths of what that fully means to a parent and student?

Midwest pushes our son far beyond just pencil and paper to develop his entire person, in ways that other learning environments simply cannot deliver. The longer he is here, the more he grows into his authentic self in all of the best of ways.

For better or worse, school consumes and shapes so much of a child’s life. We wanted something more for our son than just academics. We wanted an experience that would help him never forget he was a person of value who could be challenged to serve others and use his learning to make a positive impact on his world. Midwest is the first school to fulfill this dream for our son.”

Michelle—Middle School Parent

“Midwest Academy has been our family for 4 years now. I can’t imagine Taylor being anywhere else. Her emotional and academic growth has made such an impact on her overall life. My daughter’s confidence since joining Midwest is beyond priceless. Being in a positive and supportive educational environment makes her happy. All of these things together is what makes success for her and our family.”

Jane—High School Parent

“As early as Kindergarten, we knew our daughter was different from the rest of her class. Struggling socially and academically, she would have “meltdowns” that could last for hours and even days.

By fourth grade, her teachers didn’t know what to do with her, so they did nothing. They told us she wouldn’t be successful and would not complete high school. We knew public school wasn’t the answer.

After exploring our options, it was clear that Midwest was where our daughter belonged. When we toured the school, we saw kids in small classes engaged in learning and we knew our daughter could learn here, too. The idea that kids can be taught in so many ways other than memorizing or reading a textbook was so exciting!

Now in sixth grade, our daughter has friends and looks forward to going to school. She participates in extra-curricular activities such as school clubs and the yearly musical!”

Angela—Middle School Parent

“Due to gross prematurity at birth, our daughter struggles with expressive language processing challenges, which in turn has impacted her social, academic, and emotional development. The faculty and staff’s ability to understand and work with her complex learning situation is why Midwest was our school of choice when we moved here.

Over the past two years, we have witnessed an increase in her confidence and academic success. Midwest has provided our daughter with a progressive education that focuses on her as a WHOLE child. We love the hands-on learning, small classes, supportive setting, and extracurricular activities.”

Julia—Middle School Parent

“Midwest Academy was the school of choice for our family. I researched all the independent schools and chose Midwest because I felt it would provide the best learning environment for my son. Now for the first time, I see not only academic progress being made, but true friendships being established.”

Dawn—High School Parent

“Before our son started Midwest, he did not enjoy school. In fact, he dreaded it. He had frequent stomachaches and had meltdowns regularly. He was frustrated and exhausted at the end of each day from trying to fit in socially and from the schoolwork. It was heartbreaking for him and for us to see him try so hard to get by.

From the day he first visited Midwest five years ago, he has made lasting connections, and real friends who have accepted him without effort. He started looking forward to going to school his first week of school, which changed the mood in our house dramatically. His after-school meltdowns literally stopped the day he started at Midwest.

Midwest teachers know the kids on an individual basis. The connection our son has made with other students and adults has been amazing. His teachers know his strengths and weaknesses and help him improve instead of just getting by. He isn’t just a student in a large class . . . he is an individual that teachers spend time getting to know.

Our son’s confidence and happiness have improved more than I can express. Midwest Academy turned around his academic and social experiences from constant struggles and getting lost between the cracks, to thriving and feeling confident. I can’t find all the words to describe what a difference it has made in his life and our family life, but I can say it continues to be the best decision we made for our family.”

Mary—High School Parent

“Midwest has had a tremendous impact on our family’s life. Everything seemed to be crumbling when my son was falling through the cracks in our former school system.

We couldn’t get him to get on the bus or get in the car to go to school. When he was at school, we couldn’t get him to stay in class. He was so frustrated with his schoolwork that he would melt down and shred his papers.

Midwest has reignited my son’s spark for learning and has helped him find social and emotional stability in a safe environment. He needed smaller class sizes and a calmer sensory environment.

He has learned to think for himself and has discovered new passions and interests, like Maker’s Space and Gaming Club. He has friends that he enjoys who accept him. He is now actually annoyed when we make appointments during the school day since he doesn’t want to miss class.

He has built special relationships with his teachers who really know him and his needs. They listen to his input when he has an idea about how to complete a project or assignment differently. There is a holistic view of him as a child. This place has been transformative for us.”

Chad—Middle School Parent

“My grandson transitioned to Midwest in the 4th grade. His struggles were more social than academic. We were looking for an environment that would meet not only his social/emotional needs but would continue to stretch him academically.

Midwest Academy has provided my grandson with the ability to be the young man he was meant to be. Their creative style of teaching provides him with the confidence needed to learn beyond his age level in a kind and accepting atmosphere.”

Peggy—Middle School Grandparent