School Clubs

Midwest Academy strives to provide meaningful and enjoyable club activities for our students. We offer various clubs after school for students of all ages. Clubs are typically offered in 6-8 week sessions once per week after school and are led by one of our faculty or staff members. There is a nominal fee for participation, which varies by club.

Club offerings are driven by student interest. Some clubs we are offering include:

  • Beginning Gymnastics
  • Volleyball Club
  • Swing and Social Dance Club
  • Anama/Manga Club
  • Projectorium Prowess Club
  • Lego Club
  • Fabric Art and Sewing Club

Midwest Academy offers a variety of summer experiences for our students. These 5 day camps are offered exclusively to our students in an effort to continue to allow them to experience programming and social development in a manner that is consistent with the approach pursued during the school year.  We have a wide range of fun summer camps to offer our families this year. Please look them over and join us for an enjoyable learning opportunity or a chance to get out and be active in the community.


**Per a new Midwest Academy policy, payment for clubs is required prior to participation. Upon signup, participants will be billed by the Business department. Please contact Jean Coffman at with any questions. Thank you!**