School Clubs

Midwest Academy strives to provide meaningful and enjoyable club activities for our students. We offer various clubs after school for students of all ages. Clubs are typically offered in 6-8 week sessions once per week after school and are led by one of our faculty or staff members. There is a nominal fee for participation, which varies by club. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Inman at

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Club offerings are driven by student interest. Some clubs we are currently offering include:

  • Legos and Slime Club
  • Cheer and Tumbling Club
  • Magic: The Gathering Club
  • Chess Club
  • Bey Blade Club
  • Period Instruments
Please contact Jean Coffman at with any questions about club payments. Thank you!

Summer Camps

Every summer we offer a variety of different summer camps for our students to participate in. We have many new and exciting opportunities and activities for our students to participate in. These camps are designed to engage the student’s mind, body, and ensure that they have a fun-filled summer. Please contact Mr. Inman with any questions at