Individual Education Plans & Individual Support Plans

An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) serves several purposes within the public school setting. It is documentation of a child’s official diagnosis, areas of strength and need, goals and accommodations and services provided. When a student transitions from a public school to a private school, parents need to move from an IEP to an ISP, an Individualized Support Plan. This is the nonpublic version of an IEP.

Since Midwest Academy is located within the Carmel Clay School District, the District supports services to students who attend Midwest. If your child is eligible, these services can include speech therapy, vision support, occupational therapy, academic support and/or consultation services even if the student resides outside the Carmel Clay School District.

When your child becomes a student at Midwest Academy, we require parents to transition from an IEP to an ISP or to initiate a request for an evaluation. Eligible students should maintain an ISP throughout their time at Midwest Academy.

The key benefits of ensuring each eligible student maintains an ISP includes:

  • Creating a record of service for your child which enables them to access needed services
  • Allows Midwest Academy to facilitate accommodations in external test-taking settings, such as the ACT or SAT
  • Ensuring communication and consultation between public and private school
  • Supporting potential access to student services and other accommodations in postsecondary institutions

If you have additional questions, please contact Midwest Academy Counselors Alisha Burnstein-Carder  at (317) 843-9500 ext. 2172 and Madie Hamsley at (317) 843-9500 ext. 2153.