Who We Serve

Our students are intelligent young people who have found it difficult to thrive in a traditional schooling environment. Many of our students struggle with learning challenges stemming from or resulting in processing differences. They need a small class size, more individualized attention, and accommodations that a smaller environment provides.

Populations served generally include, but are not limited to, students diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, high-functioning autism, receptive and/or expressive language or processing challenges resulting in school anxiety. We also serve some students with neuro-typical learning styles who benefit from a small classroom environment.

Some of our students simply have a desire to learn in a more personal environment with a progressive curriculum that is student-centered.

Some Common Student Characteristics

  • Does not want to go to school
  • Struggles to make friends
  • Easily distracted/short attention span
  • Difficulty taking notes
  • Low frustration tolerance
  • Trouble with organization
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Slower processing and retrieval
  • Difficulty sequencing or organizing thoughts
  • Receptive or expressive language challenges
  • Struggles with ambiguous/figurative language
  • Poor problem solving and interpretation


  • Fidgets with clothes, hands or other items
  • Difficulty with changes in routine
  • Struggles to filter noise and visual information
  • Avoids eye contact
  • May separate self from the group
  • Has issues working in groups/teams
  • Struggles with rules of the game or competition
  • Poor conflict resolution or coping strategies
  • May use an inappropriate tone of voice
  • Difficulty with others’ perspectives or feelings of social reciprocity
  • May dominate or have one-sided conversations