Field Trips

Field trips are an important part of the Midwest Academy learning experience.  They support our progressive, hands-on approach to learning, augmenting classroom instruction by providing a memorable, experiential dimension.  These trips help students to understand concepts by connecting them to places and experiences associated with their studies.

While field trips are enjoyable events and encourage collaboration and communication among students, teachers at Midwest also work to implement trips that align with and enhance our curriculum, adding both depth and breadth to learning.

Some examples of our recent field trips:

  • Our Forensics class recently visited the crime lab at the Marion County Jail to learn more about the science behind criminal investigations.
  • The Spanish class visited the Indiana State Museum to learn more about the Day of the Dead.
  • After reading To Kill a Mockingbird, students saw the live production, which presented a vivid and memorable picture of the topics addressed in the book.
  • Our Government class toured the Hamilton County Courthouse and interviewed The Honorable Judge Najjar.