Transition Planning

What is Transition Planning?

Every parent wonders what life will be like for his or her child after high school. This is where transition planning begins. Transition planning promotes goal development for life after high school and begins the planning process necessary to achieve those goals.

For many students, long-range objectives include earning a four-year college degree. For others, aspirations may include post-secondary training in a specific career field, entrepreneurship, or community college.

Students become engaged in their transition plan beginning in 8th grade. They participate in assessments, panel discussions, complete Study Skills, Turning Point classes, and complete a senior capstone project. Depending on the student’s interests, they may also participate in Midwest-led visits to colleges, college preparatory classes offered at Midwest, individualized job shadowing opportunities, and internships.

Students, teachers, our counseling team, and parents all provide input into transition discussions across each student’s career at Midwest.

We also help families connect with additional resources to support students after high school:

  • Student services contacts at several local universities
  • Midwest alumni
  • Vocational rehabilitation services
  • Support groups for young adults
  • Additional transition services offered by psychologists
  • SSI and/or Medicaid referrals
  • Leveraging ISP/IEP in higher education setting
  • Our Postgraduate Program