Diploma Options

Students are required to earn a minimum of 48 high school credits to graduate. Most students earn 56 credits upon graduation. Each semester course is equivalent to one unit of credit unless otherwise indicated on the transcript.

Midwest offers two diploma tracks. The first is a College Preparatory Diploma parallel to the Core 40 Diploma awarded by the State of Indiana. This program prepares students for admittance to institutions of higher education.

The second diploma offered is a General Diploma. This program prepares students for enrollment in community colleges, technical schools and transition to work. Midwest Academy does not offer Certificates of Completion.

Our faculty tracks each high school student’s progress towards a degree on a semester-by-semester basis. Conferences are held with students and their families frequently to discuss progress and degree options. Beginning in late middle school, conversations are held regarding diploma track placement.

Midwest Academy Diploma Options

Subject College Prep Diploma
Required Credits
General Diploma
Required Credits
English 8 8
Mathematics 6 4
Science 6 4
Social Studies 6 4
Health 1 1
Physical Education 2 2
Career Academic 5 6
Flex/Directed Electives 5 5
Electives Varies by student Varies by student
Capstone: Senior Project  1 1
Turning Point  1 1
Study Skills  1 1
Total 48-56 48-56