Our Promises

As a child-centered institution dedicated to delivering a progressive education, Midwest Academy promises to:

Create a learning community in which students feel accepted.

We create an environment in which it is safe to try, to err, and to succeed. As such, the student-teacher relationship is the heart of the school. These connections allow us to incorporate a sense of belonging and acceptance as well as facilitate personal achievement into our work with students.

Engage students in a holistic and developmentally appropriate manner.

We focus on intellect, emotions, and interpersonal skills through engagement in active learning in every lesson and facilitate pro-social interactions throughout the stages of human development.

Employ deep, authentic teaching practices, inclusive of student interests.

Our process oriented approach focuses on complex higher order thinking. Students are encouraged to reflect upon and apply their learning to relevant, real world situations. We facilitate curiosity, encouraging students to participate actively in the selection and direction of projects, assignments and classroom activities.

Integrate multiple disciplines into lessons and learning programs.

We bridge gaps between, and among, subjects. By making connections between disciplines students envision how academic subjects and topics relate to each other.

Emphasize the arts through classroom integration.

We foster the influence of fine arts in numerous subjects – literature, science, social studies, and mathematics.  While the design and presentation of meaningful products are found in every class, students are encouraged to be inventive and creative in their self-expressions. They are also urged to observe and reflect on learning experiences, promoting discernment and synthesis of new knowledge into their individual understandings.

Assess growth by means concurrent with stages of human development that is data-informed, not data-driven.

We teach based on diagnostic pre-assessment of student abilities. Further assessment is conducted through use of standards-based grading, encouraging instruction rooted in development of skills necessary to succeed in the classroom and life beyond secondary education. We minimize use of exams, and do not implement high stakes achievement testing or student ranking. We believe these practices contradict intentional educational processes and practices.

Promote acceptance of cultural differences and responsibility for world citizenship.

We ask students to think beyond themselves and develop within them a sense of social justice, responsible citizenship, environmental conservation, cultural acceptance and a desire to help those in need of assistance. We promote these ideals through our extensive global awareness and community service programs.

Foster within each student an enduring inquisitiveness and desire to learn.

We inspire students to use their sense of wonder, imagination and curiosity to understand the “why” of what they study, encourage learning to continue well beyond the classroom.