College Courses

High school students may choose to enroll in online courses and receive dual credit towards their high school diploma and a college degree. Students can choose online courses offered by other institutions of higher education.

Most online college courses require payment to the external college or university to access these courses and receive college credit; this cost is not included in our tuition and fee structure. However, fifth year seniors enrolled at Midwest for the five-year planned high school experience are offered one online course per semester at no additional cost.

As students navigate through their online college courses during a dedicated period at school, teachers are in the classroom guiding each student. Teachers support the student in various ways, such as helping students:

  • Plan timeline for course completion (within one year)
  • Prioritize assignments
  • Collaborate with others
  • Communicate with professors

By dedicating time in their daily schedule, students develop a regimen and process they can carry forward beyond high school.